Monday, August 13, 2007

O2Jam Ongoing


Remember this Free O2Jam Disc!? The installer CD was made to send to any houses but it was officially out of stock around year 2005 already!

The O2Jam has been made into Free2Play around November 2005 thus making lots of music jammers to play!


The T-Shirt has been made with 350 EP and then you need virtual cash in order to buy the shirts. I wanted it T.T for years , i only hope that some shops will finally design a shirt with the logo of O2Jam. Blek.... I'm not so into it though but i would like to collect the shirt as part of my game collections.

This is the daily card used to buy avatars, cool musics and so on...

So here's a few of the songs being played at O2Jam...

Over 75 songs i had played in O2Jam was amazingly fast paced, the notes keep jumble in groups to make you confused.. =P The more you play , the more efficient you handle the crazy notes that dropped down... Compared to SDO's River Note, it is possibly the same.

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