Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bought Ragnarok Version 11 : Rachel

Very good product so far from "Gameflier" hehe. The product includes 30 iMall point , DVD Installer RO and a small piece of guide to the new maps/systems. It's worth RM6.80 In East Malaysia whereby the original price at KL areas are RM4.80 . Talk about shipping XD~

Front of PC.... The package is ready to be served XD!


The CD with the reload point codes =P


This is particularly the instruction booklet or "piece of printed paper" just to show you the new systems like Slot Enchant System , New Dungeons , New City ...


The back cover of the package also states the new updated stuffs,items,quest,headgears... =) It's better you check it yourself once you had it!

Fried Chicken Noodles For Ragnarok Online Gaming


Well, i made myself instant fried chicken noodle so i can enjoy Ragnarok while eating? =p Blekz...It's nice =p "Presiden Mee Noodle"

Ok, that's all folks! Grab yourself a RO package version 11.0! ^_^

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