Friday, July 6, 2007

Ragnarok Collections

Thought of doing this stuffs inspired by friends i know at college, they were having photo takings of their very own stuffs that relates to Ragnarok Online. Well, after seeing the collections being placed on the table, i was amazed by how the products of RO are positioned for capturing photo. Umm, i guess this topic today will be about my very own Lol!


Aackkk! The books i so far collected was 5 in total! Added with a encyclopedia that was forgot to take shot with. =( So missing out 2 books generally but it's ok... I'm still asking a friend in Form 5 to photostat a copy of Conqueror Handbooks 2-2 Professions. Ahh...Cause there are vital parts for quest job changing etc Question & Answering To Sleep

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