Saturday, July 21, 2007


This is one of the photos i found based on his newest album ever.

The song list are as follows... You can try to listen to it since i had made up the direct link to baidu website.


1 落叶归根 试听 歌词
2 cockney girl 试听 歌词
3 intro 试听 歌词
4 不完整的旋律 试听 歌词
5 你是我心内的一首歌 试听 歌词
6 创作前言 试听 歌词
7 华人万岁 试听 歌词
8 我们的歌 试听 歌词
9 改变自己 试听 歌词
10 星期六的深夜 试听 歌词
11 爱在哪里 试听 歌词
12 爱的鼓励

His songs are getting better and better each years as soon as he published his very own album. The talented,handsome,unique singer has done it again! Support him! ^_^ v Good luck on supporting him!

Another photo on his album with his favourite guitar =0!

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Thanks for reading and hope you download and also support his album!

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