Saturday, May 10, 2008

Colonel's Latest @ KFC

Just eaten this around this weekends! :3 Owh this camera shot is taken from the official KFC websites itself!

Ooohh.. you touched my a la carte! *Change*!

Weekend's KFC Meal? The Real Deal!
(only taken the meatball soup and chicken photos!)

Juicy little meatballs with chicken soup!

Now that's my box of KFC chicken! =3

My rating to this KFC meal : 8.4/10

Overall, a very considerable price for one or two person! And the 2 pieces of chicken can be either hot and spicy or originals, whereas the rice is what you name it "fragrant chicken rice style".

Now! Don't miss your chance to eat this colonel meal dish!!!

35th Anniversary of KFC @ 2008

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