Friday, May 23, 2008

DotA Allstars 6.52c Released!

It's been a few days and not a week before the latest version of DotA map is released. Make sure to get DotA Allstars 6.52c map from GetDotA !

I know that reading the changelog will make you get more informations about the fixes and bugs provided. So it'll be an ease for me to post here... Do invest some time on new tactics after 6.52c !!!

Note : DotA screenshot on single player test maps are provided below after the changelog !
6.52c Changelog
* Changed some bounty values on Transmuted neutral creeps
when using Hand of Midas
* Significantly lowered Ancient of Lore and Temple of the
Damned's armor and increased their HP regeneration
(15->5 armor, 2.5->20 HP/sec)
* Fixed a minor bug with Juxtapose
* Fixed some bugs with -pm
* Fixed a bug with capturing a rune using a Bottle from a
* Fixed a minor bug when trying to form Satanic on courier.
* Infest now properly dispels buffs when you go in a unit
* Fixed Marksmanship hotkey
* SinglePlayer's test commands -lvlup and -refresh now work
for multiple heroes
* Siege units now get a minor bonus when the respective range
rax (Temple of the Damned/Ancient of Lore) is destroyed
* Fixed Meepo with Aegis of the Immortal
* Fixed some aggro problems with one of the scourge neutral
* Fixed an issue with buying an item on a unit as it was
dying that resulted in a tome version of the item appearing
* Fixed multiple Dagons with different levels not sharing
* Fixed a bug with Sandstorm that caused various game
glitches with Blackhole and Spectral Dagger
* Fixed a potential suicide issue with Fatal Bonds
* Fixed a minor glitch with Maelstrom triggering
Perseverance's cooldown
* Improved cast range and cooldown on Plague
* Changed Soul Rip allied damage to hp loss to prevent
it from dispelling consumables
* Improved damage progression on Slithereen Crush
* Fixed a bug with Morphling in -dm when spawning with
melee bashers
* Fixed the recent Morph not transfering stats at proper
speed at levels 2 and 3(DonTomaso)
* Increased Howl's duration
* Fixed a bug when combining -sd and -du game modes
* Fixed -music from affecting other players
* Removed leaver hero icon when using -kickafk
* Lowered Bounty Hunter's Wind Walk cooldown
* Fixed an exploit with Time Walk
* Fixed an old rare bug involving Sprout and Spirit Bear
* Fixed a potential bug when healing with Bottle near
the fountain
* Fixed a bug with captured rune not expiring when using
allied shared Bottle
* Fixed a bug with Spirit Bear dying with bottle in -dm

DotA Allstars 6.52c's Test Map

Just some funny -noherolimit mode where you can totally control 89 heroes! Back in DotA Allstars 6.52 map has this mode already, just testing it out in the latest map!

You chose 12 heroes at level 1 to fight Roshan . What you get? :3 Spawn time!

Enjoy DotA Allstars 6.52c!

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