Saturday, May 3, 2008

E Play 线上游戏杂志 !

Bought it recently at Popular Bookstore. Anyway, it's one of the few magazines I have collected besides PCGamer, GameAxis and chinese-based game magazines like this. So here's a few game that I'll introduce to play with!

Check it OUT!

Front page of the actual game magazine title " E Play " !

仙魔道 Online ! Search it up for more infos! It's very similiar to World Of Warcraft but also has it's own unique system. Play and know it!

Shaiya Online, very cool MMORPG with all the dual wielding characters and awesome and tight warrior like equipments! Just pray for the English-based version of this pretty cool game!

Lastly! Zodiac Online! o.O Sounds quite funny but YES! It's all about quests to quests and cute characters! You could say it's the RO2's competitive challenger on being the " Top 10 Cutest MMORPG Ever! "

Owhh...kay.. that's all for now! :D !

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