Saturday, May 31, 2008

ESWC DotA Qualifiers Match @ Gizmo Gamers Cyber Cafe

Ever wonder how ESWC runs around Malaysia? It has just started at a few states taking part on this great DotA Tournament which will grant you the chance to battle at San Jose, USA ! As a spectator and friends of some competitors participating, i had then took photos of the current event. You will see things you will really be anticipated on!

ESWC DotA Qualifiers at Gizmo Gamers is held on 31st May, 2008 and that's today where it has finished the tournament schedule! Off to the Malaysia National Final battle!

Yes, Mr. RollsRoyce appeared as a spectator in ESWC ;( !

ESWC DotA flyers!

The LCD screen on the wall built is made for the Gizmo Gamer's DotA TV. The purpose for giving spectators and competitors to view the current DotA match that is going within the 8 teams participated!

The Final battle was indeed interesting. Coming up schedule with photo taking sessions and the announcement of the winner of ESWC @ Gizmo Gamers !

1st Prize Winner : F.Days
(Cozee Cyber Cafe)

2nd Prize Winner : DumDum
(Dotcom Cyber Cafe)

As stated on several forums and web links, this is the announcement to congratulate them for winning the qualifiers match DotA!

The top 2 winning teams from each qualifiers will then proceed to the ESWC 2008 Malaysia National Final and stand a chance in representating Malaysia to San Jose, California 25 to 27 August for the ESWC 2008 Grand Final.

Hope you like this latest blog update! Stay tune :3

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