Sunday, June 1, 2008

CabalSEA's Nevareth Journey

After the hardcore process during March period until May, i felt that it is enough for my warrior to remain at the current level and with the nifty sets of armor equipped. So, I'll only be free for perhaps Guild Wars, PvP, PK and Nation War. That's about the best features of CabalSEA afterall!
RollsRoyce bought EoF(Epaulet Of Fighter) +6 Cape for 20m which i haven't bought capes ever since i reached level 100s! -.- Anyway, i also bought a normal RedOsmium Great Sword to make my character tougher around it's current level.

Nuff said. Here's the latest screenshot which will be finalized and I'll be looking forward for games such as DotA, CS 1.6 and I guess that's all about my gaming days.

CabalSEA Venus Server at 31st May 2008

And I have added a great DotA leader named Sleeper in Venus Server. And CabalSEA is better than ever! You can login as freely as not much congested servers to login anymore!
CabalSEA is still a good MMORPG to hang out with although the game item inflation and stuffs! So do play as much while it's hot! Enjoy this post and bear with it for a while until the next extraordinary update!

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