Friday, June 20, 2008

Snack Attack @ AirAsia's Delicacies

Stumbled upon the food menu sections at AirAsia and it reminds me of KennySia's few posts commenting on AirAsia's food quality and services. Awww.. Skip that though! They had various snack attacks which i think will attract customers to visit the "onboard dine & shop" at Malaysia. Quite frankly, i do enjoy surfing food webs when i'm tad bit bored with gaming and chatting sometimes. So! Anyway, i'll be listing a few AirAsia's food and hope you'll get a chance to enjoy their menus!

Snack Attack Galore!!!

foods in the price of Ringgit Malaysia...

Maggi XtraDelixious
Curry Bowl
RM 7

Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak
"...Word has it that one of the best nasi lemak to be had is on AirAsia's morning flights..."
New Straits Times,
28th January 2006

RM 8

Sri Melur Jaya Nasi Briyani with Curry Chicken


Sri Melur Jaya Roti Canai


Hot Dog
1901™ New York Chicken
RM 7

Maggi XtraDelixious
Curry Bowl
RM 7

Wait!!!! There's few more foods to be shown!

Big Bruce's BBQ Chicken
Tender boneless chicken leg, marinated, rubbed, barbequed to perfection and served with Big Bruce's secret spicy BBQ sauce. Served with seasoned roasted potatoesand mixted vegetables.
Pre-Ordered Hot Meal RM20

RM 25

Let your tummy steam roll with the foods above! :3 Nyo~ron~!!!!

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