Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ROHAN Online : Blood Feud

Rohan: Blood Feud is a MMORPG that allows players to control a character within the game world, explore lands, kill monsters, perform quests, adopt a pet, get a mount, and interact with NPCs and other players. The game emphasizes on a Player Killing environment. Players can track up to 50 players that had previously killed them by a button on the interface called the Hit List.

I currently played this game at Akhma Server ( there are at least 5 servers and this is the very last server on list) . Playing DHAN's Assassin character currently. It's quite smooth and less laggy even though being international MMORPG. A definite try for online role-playing gamers.

Akhma Server's Game Screenshots!

Just started for a while, not onto power leveling yet...

Overall, it's as good as Cabal Online gameplay and it's own unique effects and wide range of skills also put ROHAN Online as another competitive MMORPG to play with.

Enjoy ROHAN!!!

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itgeek1 said...

ROHAN is one of those games that have you glued to a seat. For me it’s a prince and then kings amongst games. In this game you are able to adopt a pet, township battles, have different item mall and an exchange market. I haven’t really seen anything like that in other MMORPG games. The most unique feature i would say, is the hit list.
Wait and then wait, and fight in a major Township Battles, where the winning guilds get the Champion’s Uniform to boast their Guild pride and more importantly, ownership of different towns.