Thursday, May 15, 2008

Magic World Online

Here's something you should be interested on IF your about to find 2D MMOs that are free2play called "MWO Online"

There will be no more server wipes between now and when the game goes live, so any characters created during phase two of closed beta will continue on into open beta and commercial release of the game. Take this opportunity to be one of the first to try out the New Concept MMORPG Magic World Online!

Total game files are at least 2.2 GB when i checked through. So if you find this game to your liking, just download and play!

Magic World Online's Screenshot

MWO Screenshots @

If you ever played Gulong Online, Diablo II and such MMOs or normal 2D RPGs, this is the game you'll wanted to play!

Stay tune for the latest update and introduction to a MMO's game that is an actual resemblance to Diablo II!

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