Sunday, May 11, 2008

Garena Counter Strike

Ever wondered the best place to play Counter Strike 1.6 nowadays? That leads to the very GGClient's program which has recently been changed to Garena! Also, i'll be hosting CS maps available etc awp_map , fy_iceworld and such when i'm online at Garena of course! Just this very few screenshots taken in-game.

Currently finding as much players to play in Garena and to play along with [DoP]RollsRoyce in the CS server rooms provided. I'm trying to promote CS in Garena so therefore i hope for more players including clan leaders,members to put forth and join my room sometime!

Yeah, i'll be welcoming everyone to play and have fun! CS screenshots are provided below! I prefer highly skilled players to bring in some challenges along with me, that's all i guess ^.^"

Iraq's CS Server i joined long ago, the map's aim_duztec . A pretty cozy looking map with two outpost on both opposing CT's (Counter-Terrorist) & T's (Terrorist) location.

awp_map is one of the most popular AWP playgrounds ever. Do get a chance to challenge me of course in Garena!

2_rooms is a very simple map where you'll just engage the enemies just next to your room! Prefer 5v5 on this very little map, it's all the focus on guns spraying and accurate headshots!

Get Garena's client program for LAN at here ! Your place to challenge professional gamers around the world!

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