Friday, May 16, 2008

Dual Core Unleashed

Been using Acer Aspire 2.8 GHZ with 512 MB RAM for quite a long time as stated from the above title, alongside with Radeon 9550 @ 256 MB , i was able to maintain till the very few days ago. It came to an end my motherboard has 6 transistors that was "boom-ed". So as i was saying, i have just recently upgraded this thing into a new machine that has the par standard into the PC industry yet! (No CabalSEA, DotA, CS and so on games to play for just a few days!)

It came to the day of the upgrading moments!

Upgraded it off at SAMCOM shops which has ACER products as retailers. Enough said. Here's what you will meet one of my three PC's for gaming uses. The very 3rd PC is just a normal 2.8 GHZ which i won't be showing it here though. I will plan to get at least more than 5 PCs for home and LAN gaming usage. As said, 3 PC's currently being owned are desktop PC's platform.

Let's just get straight to the gizmo thingy.

6 years Acer Aspire CPU side view and it has just changed into...

The new CPU built is the former above CPU's upgrade over...
Check it out below!

A newly upgraded casing with 1GB DDR2 RAM with powered Intel Dual Core 2.4 GHZ and the old 80 GB hard disc that was still safe and sound ! Total cost of the upgrade was over
RM 840!

Wait!!! Hold on a sec?

I have also planned to buy a new CPU that cost at a very decent price around RM 1788 !

(If you ask me, it's more than enough to be used for gaming and for the more competent users is qualified to compete against higher-end CPUs user in gamings. GG.)

My latest CPU that has the followings below :
Intel Dual Core E4500 2.2 GHZ
160 GB Hard disc space
Geforce 8400 GS
Logitech mouse , Logitech stylish keyboard & Logitech stereo speakers
17" CRT Monitor

Added with free packaging :
Lexmark Printer Z1320

The total amount of upgrading the old CPU into a freshly new Dual Core with the added amount of the new Dual Core CPU with CRT Monitor along costed more than RM 2628!!!

Well, if you ask me, it's a efficient buy and upgrades for me to say!

Nuff said. ASUS driver (uh, i mean real driver) drove my 2 CPUs as package senders. I'm just around in the ASUS van too. o.o"!!!

Now at least 3 PC's with competent gaming performance and for school assignments and basic programmings as use. Looking forward for a medium priced gaming laptop around RM1999-2599 and another desktop PC's would be a final end to my 5 line ways of PC & Laptop collection!

Stay tune for more updates! Not just CPU's of course lah.

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