Thursday, July 10, 2008

Solo King 1 vs 1 Season 6 Tournament Group Stage and Bracket @ Garena Quarter Finalist

I started to participate in tournaments at Garena 1v1 at Season 6 currently for the start!

News Coverage : I have actually reached Quarter Finals but it could be earlier reaching that stage but due to some slow management in Garena. I was only able to see the updated list by voicing out my own rights. Cause the tournament was sort of delayed, and i never saw my name list updated for my advancement. But anyway, I'm still grateful for being a quarter finalist after the group stage battles i had. The participants was started at the group stage matchups until the Top 16 Elimination. Total of 64 participants were registered for this game, however a few DQ(Disqualified) players & FF(Forfeit) players had occurred. So things still go as smooth in Garena matches!

Though, I would like to participate other tournaments for another heat up battles as of course. This will just be part of my progress. Godspeed, participants of ADC(Asian DotA Championship) Matches and other game tourneys in Garena!

Hmmph! Since i'm going on a holiday trip around the scheduled date, i may have to forfeit around quarter finals or semi finals of this tourney. But next time! It'll be my game play again!

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