Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Solo King 1 vs 1 DotA Tournament Season 6

Before my vacation for at least a week, i had managed to advance for the higher stage of competitiveness in solo DotA . Seems like i'm near the end but the road is still far ahead! Well anyway, just an update so i can remind of my Garena's gaming progress. I started participating tournaments of 1v1 in Garena Season 6 as far as i know. The old past seasons had been done long ago since Year 2007.

If i were to crowned champion in Finals, what i expect is to fight another champion of another group to claim the ultimate no.1 champion of this tourney. So, maybe I'll be anticipating for very good matches if i were the winning champ in my bracket.

And thanks to the organisers and co-helper to update the dates of the tourney. I will surely be back around the time rescheduled and it was around the moment I'm back to hometown. Also, my draft teams and fellow friends... I'll make the comeback to play again in Clan War DotA Room!!! >.<" Lastly, all hail to the DotA map & creator for being so great in making things happen. >3 IceFrog

Updates at July 22nd 2008 : Reached Semi-Finals of this Garena Tournament but then gained lots of experiences from skillful players that are now around Finals. All the remaining 2 players in the tourney bracket will compete for the finals as champions.
Hope to see a new tourney yet again! And might try a better chance next time to aim for the Finals if possible...

That's all for this entry of DotA competitiveness!

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