Sunday, July 6, 2008

ESWC Malaysia 2008 Has Reached Grand Finale!

There were at least a few games that was being hosted as part of ESWC Malaysia's Tournament. Guess what? The following games are what some you may least expected! All the games and participants of top team players had just played their finals at 6th July 2008 !

Trackmania Nations Forever

Warcraft 3/DotA


If your wondering who are the winners in each of these games, i'll list it out since it's one of eletronic game sports widest moment ever!

Trackmania Nations Forever

1st Runner Up:
Syefri Zulkefli
2nd Runner Up:
3rd Runner Up:
Mattchong 5000

Warcraft 3

Champion: Paul Yan
1st Runner Up: M1-NOX

Warcraft 3 DotA

Champion: Kingsurf
1st Runner Up: Cybertime

Counter Strike

Champion: Hybrid
1st Runner Up: LZ

Guess that's it for the news update on ESWC. There's a lot of news announced at , MYM and such. To participate in ESWC or WCG next time, all you got to do is sign up with your team's name and your members with contact details.

Good luck to all players of Malaysia in San Jose, USA !

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Jaz said...

Hey there! Thanks for your updates. That's great! You know what? Today, 27 August 2008, Team Kingsurf for DotA has made it through to the finals winner's bracket and will be meeting Team Zenith Singapore. Go go go Malaysia! Watch the live streamed match - get the link from Cheers! Team ESWC 2008 Malaysia