Tuesday, July 22, 2008

DBIS Semester Four

It's the coming of my studies in Semester 4 soon but it's still 1 weeks plus ahead... Quite frankly i just broke a record while on vacation & hardcore gaming... Muahaha!!! I obtained 2.92 CGPA which broke my past CGPA records around 2.50 to 2.70 range. Nothing much, but i'll try my best for the next sem until the 3 months holiday year end for Bleach 3rd Movie release! I had gotten a better CGPA if for comparison though. But i hope next round, getting around the "ok" result will be satisfying. Cause i prefer gaming! Naww!!! I never believed in high scores in studies cause all in the end goes to real business mind and plan. Studying is just a gap for getting jobs as we all know. There are many ways practical for getting jobs slowly up to it's hike. Anyhow, take your time well eh hardworking students around :> !

> : ) ebil


Game Factor Calculated :
DotA + RO + CS 1.6 + ROHAN + Ikariam + Travian => Study

Sort of laughing because of this... Forget the above that I've mentioned, better wait for the great updates on foods and hotels around Brunei & other states of West M'sia !

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