Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Samsung WCG 2008 @ CS Flash Competition

I was visiting blogs-to-blogs until i gotten into something that has interested me. Guess what?!! Just a CS Flash Competition made by WCG for gamers alike. I stumbled upon and registered [DoP]RollsRoyce into the list. Besides the CS Flash, the real WCG CS 1.6 Tournament Registration is placed on the particular WCG websites. Just check it out! I've hope to one day get into a great team to play in WCG upcoming though. Time tells :3~!!!

Anyway, this CS Flash Competition i joined was quite interesting. It's just a "Shoot The Target" style of CS. I've manage to one time beaten all the other scorers in single though. I just hope that the prizes and so on can be sent rather than going for the WCG venue which is far away from my area. But seeing that i reached the No.1 score, the list of scorers will still be updated but i don't mind cause its my first try and based on the skills to Top5 CS Flash Scorings. Indeed, not the real CS, but i've put my skills onto it.

The actual footage of Samsung WCG 2008's CS 1.6 Tournament 5v5 & CS Flash Competition

The main screen of the WCG Samsung Flash websites...

This is what i'm talking about! WCG CS Flash Competition! It requires your registered nickname and some identification to join. Simple!

News & Event based on WCG 2008. Taken a quite big photo.

It's like a shooting range game but all based on accuracy and your mouse clicks.
As you see, that's the score i've achieved first play. I don't care much already but it's something related to WCG so i won't miss this chance!

Ok, that's about it. Awaiting the announcement though, nothing much ahead.

Do enjoy great entries soon. The current few entries are made to inspire readers xD!!!

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