Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Share your FUFU Story

Warcraft III's Fufu Ninja Map's Story Making


Share Your Story About Fufu.
When Did you Start,What did you expected in fufu,What Did You Know in Fufu.
Share with Us and Win.


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Fufu is a Game that have an a Four Ninjas Fighting Blee Bleee Bleee Etc.

Guess what i wrote? My own piece of words.

[DoP]RollsRoyce's FUFU Story

[DoP]RollsRoyce was playing around Fufu United All-Stars Room and was wondering what is this room about one day logged in. Then it all began when people started hosting Fufu Ninja maps from the earliest version to the latest version where most ninja models were improved with more reflexes! Started downloading the latest version of the map and always love to try the 4 different ninja types to pit out the fun! It was very exciting while you get a lot of experiences by improving your APM (attack per minute) ! Opponents and players alike will get knocked out usually in 1 or 2 hits! I remembered the time when a Tree Tag Ninja hides and pawns a ninja walking over by the tree beside the river area. I lol-ed hard too when a triple kill commenced when a fat panda warrior jumps up and whams the area with 3 ninjas. Taking 3 kills so swift with just the speed of lightning!

So the real battles began... I have hosted a few Fufu Ninja's map in history! Usually 8 to 10 players will join and had the fun eliminating each others. My favourite Panda Ninja Warrior comes in the play! Equipped with shurikens, dodge rate & cloaks! I ventured throughout the whole map and bam all the enemies alike! Atchuchan style!!! And also.... giving Barney fans lots of pleasure getting pawn! Aha... The days of the ninja soon arrives with a very few top ninja scores list! The repeats of the Fufu map host never tires! As new challenges are up ahead for newbie ninjas and pro-to-intermediate ninja Fufu's for the reign of Top Fufu Ninja .

So Fufu Ninja nowadays can "HAS CheezBurger" after beating up their opponents like 50 times! LULz!!!

There are also a few participants internationally participated in the FUFU Story contest. Hey! It's funny when you read other player's piece of entry! Also, do enjoy Fufu Ninja map... If you would like to see what others wrote, please visit
Share your FUFU Story (10 GG Shells Prize) !!!

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