Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fight of Characters (FOC)

This is considered by far the most popular Warcraft LAN Game map hosted. Why? Reasons goes for it's unique model all designed after few anime series. Famous characters like Ichigo from Bleach , Inuyasha hero , Uchiha Itachi and so on are available to be used. And you will be amazed at how most skills look exactly as what you saw on the anime episodes! Owh other heroes would be Monkey D.Luffy , Alucard and also other popular anime heroes. Just try this map named Fight of Characters! So far there are at least two to three versions of the map being english translated. I'll post the map download link and some in-game screenshots i've played in Garena.

Latest Map Download Link For FOC's :

Fight of Characters 7.7b E

Fight of Characters 7.7b F

There you go! Two available english versions of the map itself! I'm not sure why it's version 7.7b above but it's what you called the most up-to-date series of the map for play. Do enjoy!

Now for the real partayyy!!!

Starts Warcraft III !
And a very few screenshots to make you get hooked on this map!

Bankai Ichigo in action!

Tsukihime's heroine and also the brother Shiki Tohno which is uberly strong late game for this map!

If you managed to combo accurately, triple kills are usually initiated! Itachi's partner Kisame! Owh there's a lot of ways to avoid it, just stay out of range and try different methods to counter attack!

My latest record using Ichigo. 61 frags to be exact... not what i typed 60 -.-" The game usually ends when Team Red or Team Blue reaches the total of 100 from either teams. Remember to frag more and elimination!


TET said...

FOC Ver7.8e

Jaronz said...

fight_of_characters 7.7b G is now available for download!! =) this map totaly rocks!! very fun and excellent win is to have your team the highest kills over the other team or let your team kill Majin Boo which has insane stats!! I love this map!! =)