Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kingwood Hotel @ Mukah , East Malaysia

Kingwood Hotel's Restaurant

The restaurant's menu with the name of the restaurant.

There are no buffets yet for early to afternoon as accommodations are still low. You either choose from the menu list of American Breakfast or Malaysian Breakfast. I have picked American Breakfast and it cost RM18+++ Nett. You won't be charged if you stayed at their hotels for few days or even 1 day least. Tickets voucher are given for free if you stay at the hotel.

This is what you get in the American Breakfast's menu. It is selectable in fruits and juices but others are preset menu.

Saucy mash potatoes , grilled sausages , soya sauce & hams.

Like cheese? Spread it.

Kingwood Hotel's Room

The actual entrance of this hotel. It currently has 200 rooms for booking. And it's newly built in the center of Mukah area. Btw, Mukah can be explored thoroughly under 5 hours at least. It ain't a big place but for people who loves fishing. :>

Any rooms will have Plasma TV, cool? Naw!

The high quality toilet of Kingwood. The beds and pillows are as same as any hotels like Genting , Mandarin Oriental and so on...

This is the only one restaurant available in Kingwood. If you remember the foods i mentioned above!

The reception center of Kingwood Hotel. It has 4 floors. Quite fast huh pressing on elevators? Well it's new and good quality services!

So take your time to decide for a stay at the hotel! To this destination at Mukah.

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