Thursday, October 15, 2009

Riverside Superbowl

Class breaks in Swinburne around 12PM and there goes the leisure schedule by one of my classmate. It turned out to be 5 people in a car going to Riverside Superbowl. Talked a lot about new buildings improvement around Sarawak and also some e-sports history. Mentioned about P2P.Gaming in process and was proving that 2009's division is stronger than the old times. Once reaching Riverside, the scenes was so empty until we started playing. Veslie , RoYcE , Calvin , Lance played in this friendly matchup. Feel so rusty after not bowling for like 4-5 years! But still manage an amateur score feat first time with classmates from Swinburne. The most experienced and skilled bowler goes to Veslie. And there's Wan Moi and she doesn't wants to play in the bowling but spectating the overall game.

The overall #1 match's standing by score counts by certain approximation.
Game 1
1st Veslie (130)
2nd Calvin (110)
3rd RoYcE (70)
4th Lance (30)

Game 2
1st Veslie (150)
2nd Calvin (90)
3rd RoYcE (80)
4th Lance (40)

Game 3
1st Veslie (160)
2nd RoYcE (90)
3rd Calvin (70)
4th Lance (40)

For amateur standings, not so bad for being that rusty without styles. Let's game again someday guys! Arigato!

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