Tuesday, March 2, 2010

DotA Gauger

The purpose of me creating DotA Gauger (created by MY.RollsRoyce) is to analyze the players from publics to competitive levels for the world's most favourite pick of game called as Defense Of The Ancient. There's not much of e-sports and forum stating the differences between beginners and professionals alike in the DotA world we play in. So as a matter of fact, I will make a scale of level ratings for people to know where they are currently at regardless the roles you played.

The rating goes by the numeric numbers of zero until hundred whilst to indicate the standards of player you might want to play with or recruit for competitive DotA.

Public DotA (based on the overall skills/performance/experience of a player having fun/casual ways OR applying competitive strategies/experience to play the match)

0 - 20 - Newbie. Tends to fail in most games and has very low ideas of how DotA is played.
21 - 40 - Beginner. Knows basic knowledges about DotA and how it is played but no proper path.
41 - 60 - Amateur. Has quite a certain knowledge about DotA and its gameplay. Moderately.
61 - 80 - Semi-Pro. Wise enough to master DotA heroes and the knowledge required to win.
81 - 100 - Elite. Extremely knowledgeable of the game map and plays at the peak of gaming.

Competitive DotA (based on the overall talent/skills/strategies/teamwork/co-ordinations to play it in normal/competitive arena)

0 - 20 - Newbie. Will bring utter disappointment in big leagues and tournament due to low skills.
21 - 40 - Amateur. Knows basic DotA but still unable to cope with competitive gameplay styles.
41 - 60 - Semi-Pro. Is able to cope with competitive play styles and slightly improves teamplay.
61 - 80 - Elite. Adaptive to the competitive arena and uses strategies and skills to battle it out.
81 - 100 - Star. Extremely insane skills and teamplay to win out most DotA matchups.

Note : Public DotA can be short formed as PD ratings and Competitive DotA can be short formed as CD ratings. To use it with a format example(my very own example and my current skills indicator) :

Garena/Bnet Nickname : MY.RollsRoyce
PD ratings : 82/100 (Elite)
CD ratings : 60/100 (Semi-Pro)

This concludes the indicator for both categories to classified the game you always play. If you happen to surf through this blog, do welcome! Get to know where's your position are!

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