Monday, May 10, 2010

Metal Slug Collection PC

RoYcE recommends this great side-scroller game!

Known as one of the first successful video games, Metal Slug has become the reference of the shooting games.

You play a mercenary in charge of destroying the army of a dictator. The two-player mode allows you to choose a second hero to the share the fight with you.

The Collection PC set contains the first seven games in the main series: from Metal Slug 1 to Metal Slug 6, including Metal Slug X. This special edition gives you the chance to discover or rediscover this fiery game.

Features of Metal Slug Collection on PC include:

* From 1 to 2 players and various difficulty levels
* Manga style graphics
* Bones galleries containing classic poster, character art and other goodies
* Original graphics and sounds
* 1000 Units in Stock

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