Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lumine Japan

Started as a small genome research lab in 1990, LUMINE® Japan, it experimenting with plant cells-activated anti-oxidants called Anthocyanins. Having been successful in understanding the properties, extracting and activating the super phyto-anti-oxidants, the Osaka-based laboratory went global after a successful joint venture (JV) between the 2 companies in Japan and Singapore in 2006. LUMINE® Japan represents premium quality health and beauty care products that have been proven to be high in benefits and values.

I went for an interview as my first job seeking task due to my resolve to start working. I stopped my Degree in Management at Swinburne due to several reasons including job beneficial , gaming and etc. I don't have the mood to go on but time will tell since I'm still light years from 30 years old. This company is not bad for the kick-start but I'm waiting for more interviews to see wether I'm suitable for other areas of work.

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