Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Angry Birds

Team Angry Birds.DotA


Team Roles :

Main Carry - IceCutter / Wei
Semi-Carry - AhTi / Wilson / Royce / Zavkiel
Supporter - Royce / AhTi

Team Benefit :

RM 75 food sponsor ( 2 days )

The DotA gaming team was actually named after the popular iPhone game title named Angry Birds and I find it amusing to put as a team tag. I will be in charged as the team manager and drafter for the overall team's player role and task. The team has ex players from team Djan majority and has put up a fight in INTI DotA Tournament 2010 as the champion during it's team growth. I myself have acquired some achievements as well during Swinburne DotA Championship as second place and weekly DotA tournament finals. Besides, being a team manager for MaDNet Outlawz was a great pride in Sarawak DotA gaming and did great in ADC and RGC online tournament against teams such as AEON.MuFc and Mineski!

Groupstage E (Day 1)

Angry Bird WIN P2P.Gaming

Angry Bird WIN N2MU

Angry Bird WIN XtiM3

Playoffs (Day 2)

Angry Bird LOSE Mars

Our team's Lone Druid was one of the eye-catching hero picks throughout the event. The last game we had which is against team Mars was still ok in scores despite the loss. As one of the overall groupstage champion, it was a good effort but when it comes to the bracket, luck does play when a team opponent surfaces. All the best to my next tournament venture perhaps!

Team Angry Birds will also be undergoing reforms as there are incompetent carry role based player in our team.

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