Friday, May 27, 2011

Team Xclusive.DotA

Xclusive.Gaming is a competitive gaming team based in East Malaysia - Sarawak. The team was formed back in mid 2008 and is officially named Xclusive.Gaming in 2010. The players in the team take gaming seriously as a sport, hobby, passion and prioritize achievement.

Royce` has officially joined Xclusive.Gaming through communicating with the team which ranked themselves around top 5 in Sarawak before as proven at Mad.Net DotA Tournament 2010. I have recruited retirees and strong players for Swinburne DotA competition and has earned ourself around 2nd/3rd in between. And also proven myself by beating Cyberline CrZ at semi-finals of a weekly tournament then reached finals losing to only Cyberline MY. May not seem so catchy but I have beaten down around 25 DotA teams in Sarawak and still ongoing.

You can recruit me in future but I'll stay as long as possible in Xclusive.Gaming because they are my comrades and I have guided them a while as they started competitive DotA. My DotA role is based on ganker and supporter or semi-carry.

Team Roster:-

Let's do our best, Xclusive.Gaming!

My team Xclusive.Gaming has joined Kyan!Me DotA 2011 Competition as well and it's still ongoing, results are provided below until finalized:-

Xclusive WINS Dark.Elements

Xclusive WINS [TYB]

Xclusive WINS FrG

Xclusive WINS Kencool

Xclusive LOSE Rush 2 Gaming

Concludes the 5th placing tie for team Xclusive.Gaming at this current competition. Was a close match but I was just observing my teams from behind but managed to play 2 games that helped my team win as far as possible. Rush 2 was part of a team I managed known as MaDNet Outlawz years ago after new sponsor came for them as me(manager) and CooPeR(player) left. They had been competing for around 5 years and recruited players that fit their lineup. As for team Xclusive, it's just a 2 years half team running and has already cope up with their levels but lack in certain game communication. I foresee my DotA career as a main-player for strong teams that requires my talent in future. That's all about it! More to come since winning and losing a competition can make your mood swing but I'll overcome it again!

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