Friday, September 13, 2013

Music Day

September 14th: Photo Day / Music Day

Most days in Korea are photo and music days, but the 14th of September is when it becomes “official” (or as official as an off-the-calendar holiday can get).

Portrait studios and gimmick photo booths are popular, and it seems like everyone’s taking a reverse-facing camera shot. Noraebangs — singing (karaoke) rooms — are in high demand, as well.

What is there for now? All I can do is play my favorite games, listen some musics , wondering what she's doing? Spent almost a lot of 14th day together. This time I'm soloing the day out. Changing my personalities and perception towards my own. This few holidays will just be another day of workup for being the me that should have loved the one's I love carefully and deeply.

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