Sunday, March 30, 2014

Korean BBQ Chicken

BBQ Chicken is Korean’s No. 1 Chicken Restaurant

It’s not barbeque, it’s BBQ (BEST OF THE BEST QUALITY)!

Genesis Co. Ltd was established in September 1995 with just 1 brand – BBQ Chicken.
Genesis has since introduced 10 brands with more than 3000 stores, growing as the best and largest dining franchise company in Korea.

BBQ Chicken has now grown to be the No.1 Franchise brand in Korea with more than 2500 stores in South Korea and achieved the 1st franchise company to be selected as Korea’s top 100 brands.

So I went to this area which is located at Kubah Ria. Not so hard to find and I went with one girl partner of mine. I tried and I could say they need more improvement. The BBQ chicken though is delicious and juicy as it's tender. Overall, have a try!

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