Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bleach Manga 276

RollsRoyce's Summary:

Zaero Pollo seems to live it out from Ishida's cool laser looking all ranged attacks.But Zaero Pollo naturally survives and gets really angry while Ishida and Renji was shocked to even believe he could survive that blow! Seems like Zaero himself wants to get ready to release his true sword seeing how beaten up he is at the situation!
Next,Ichigo is still lying on the floor as in "passed out cold" and Nell was crying over Ichigo whose lying there without any strengths and will to stand up.Grimjoww then arrived at the scene.

Predictions for chapter277:
Grimjoww might help Ichigo or just plan to use Inoue to heal Ichigo for their 3rd battles.That's what said from reliable sources etc

Here's the screenshot of the Bleach chapter276!

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