Sunday, May 20, 2007

Taekwondo Kid Guide

Skill Type: Movement
Max Level: 10
SP Cost: Depends on skill level.
Cast Time: Depends on skill level. 0.5s aftercast delay for all levels.
Prerequisites: None

Description: Enable the caster to run with incredible speed. At levels 7 and above, this skill endows the caster with the Spurt status, which will temporarily increase STR if the caster stops running and is bare handed, but is canceled once the caster equips a weapon.

Level/Cast Time/SP Cost/ATK Bonus
1/6 sec./100/+10
2/5 sec./90/+20
3/4 sec./80/+30
4/3 sec./70/+40
5/2 sec./60/+50
6/1 sec./50/+60

Skill Type: Movement
Max Level: 5
SP Cost: 50 sp
Cast Time: Depends on skill level. No aftercast delay.
Prerequisites: None

Description: Leap uses the Taekwon's leg strength to perform a great jump, leaping over obstacles and hazards on the way. When you activate Leap, you will jump forward a certain amount of cells depending on the skill used. There is no restrictions, as long as the target cell is a valid walkable cell and not currently occupied by another player, the jump will succeed. If the target isn't valid, your character will simply stay in its original spot.

The Leap skill is usable on all maps, including WoE and PvP.

Level/Cast Time/Distance
1/5 sec./2 Cells
2/4 sec./4 Cells
3/3 sec./6 Cells
4/2 sec./8 Cells
5/1 sec./10 Cells

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