Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gizmo DotA Fever Week 1

Exciting as ever with 2 wins 1 lose at Final, team Inner newly formed managed to clinch 2nd place out of 8 teams consisting of senior players. Not bad for the start. I appreciate my heroes being used for the game. Our team are made of many ex-cyber team and willing to put our spirits on the line. Manage to perform pretty well and of course requirements for timing and impressive skills for future DotA war!

At this tourney, my nickname was Inner.RoYcE as the overall tourney do advise using clan tags new to old to ensure the game as epic!

Impressive games consist of the 2nd round where my ward war against opposing's 2 warders that goes head to toe! At the moment, I was ganking and doing the usual positioned ward to put the fight on line! It was interesting. As for final, I guess we need more feel of the game to clash the war of the 5 v 5... Overall, I feel great for reaching as far with many powerhouses opponents born with the competitive level around the peak. Teams we fought are formed since 2006 or so, I'm trying to cope with them even more in times to come.

Fetching the replay should be in few days time... Hmm, guess that's it. First week bracket is shown below! Suddenly Come is the champion which is also known as cL.Hitz !

Battle Report:

Quarter Final
Inner WIN Int

Semi Final
Inner WIN cL.Crz

Inner LOSE Suddenly Come


Draxiz Krucifixuz said...

ok gratz on the game. atleast nan is powering the team..

тнε onε and only , zεpH` said...

its not even cL.Go btw, it was CL¹GO.. but nw we are cL.Hitz

RollsRoyce said...