Sunday, May 10, 2009

Innerlink Cyber Cafe

First time going to Innersphere Cyber Cafe and played two rounds of pub/draft games with P2P-Gaming networks. My lion a.k.a YaMaTeH took lots of kills over 18 while having some friendly-match. The second game was used with captainmode whereas our team versus P2P-Gaming. It was a 5x above scores for us with them 1x while totally controlling the lane at mid-game. Second game I was named RoYcE-YMT to make for the lulz. To assume the 2 winning games, I used Lion overall! The score was nearly the same when I fought team GR mixes. Maybe just my passion as Lion the ganker.

Replay link for 1st game which is not captainmodes :
RoYcE-YMT aka YaMaTeH

2nd match was based on captainmodes but was saved onto cyber cafe without uploads.

Innerlink Cyber Cafe entrance located around 2nd floor at Ban Hock Road where there's the block of shops including Crayon Shin-Chan store.


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