Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Welcome to the Garena Freesky family! Freesky is an online real-time game that you can play as your primary game or as an addition to your favorite game. You don't need to be online constantly, instead you can check on your character in between playing other games.

You will have a plot of land where you can expand to gain commerce dominance. This will help you build more airships and defense systems to have sky battles with other players. These fleets can be led to the NPC zone to fight with computer armies. Form strong alliances to gain world dominance!

This game becomes more fun the farther you progress. The game might be hard in the beginning, but don't give up halfway! Once you manage to get your fleets and armies, you'll start to truly enjoy Freesky!

Have fun! Good luck!

RoYcE's FreeSky war has begun! You can view the war after attacking the enemies!

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