Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ragnarok World Championships 2009

THE CHAMPION - AvantSynergy

The earliest guild ever build was ReincarnatioN in the early era and there's the uprising Seed of Synergy allied with Reanimation team at one period at Malaysia Official RO Free Server. The moment comes with the strongest alliance in this server since my retirement at Seed of Synergy... Revival was formed and allied with guilds like GBS + Reanimation and it turned out to be the proven ultimate RO revolution!

As for my Soul Linker(RollsRoyce) and some backup normal characters given to DJP in the early days, I am glad that I've made small contributions to backup the guild with buffs and etc in the past. With many members like dumB, Pixie , Mike and many strong players, they reign as the champions of Ragnarok World Championship 2009 with proven quality and skills.

Like my predicted early days, we had enemies that have rough tactics against us in the past. Even after my retirement, the never-ending wars they fought were spiritual and linked with powerful bonds. I do wish I was in KL cheering or assisting in that epic moment. It ended with our guild being the strongest.

This is by far what I can speak about for my ex-guild. All the best and bid us in between different games the winner of all time by hearts and real strengths! Of course any tournaments in any game titles!

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