Thursday, November 26, 2009

SMM 2009 Pre-Tournament Scrimmage

It is two days to SMM Grand Finals and myMYM has arrived on the scene to provide you with the best coverage of this tournament. Battle of the East and the West. Are you ready?

The SMM Grand National DotA Tournament 2009 will be the biggest DotA event in history. This year, SGNDT will be held in the historic town of Malacca from the 27th to the 29th of November and the location for this event will be at A'Famosa Resort.

With prizes pooling up to a total of 18,000 Euros, this tournament has attracted the best of the East and the West as they pit against each other for pride and honour. Besides providing such huge prizes, SMM is generous enough to provide discounted stay and food for all the players and media throughout the tournament period.

UPDATES from the scrim:

17.00: In order to make some use of the free time MYM and EHOME decided to play some scrim which ended with a loss for MYM - final result: MYM 1:3 EHOME.

18.30: After cD arrives, EHOME went to have a smoke break. Thus MYM & cD had a scrim together. Game 1 finished: MYM 1:0 cD.

19.00: Everyone went for dinner; they'll be back around 8pm local time (2 hours later). Stay tuned for more action. All replays will not be released as the teams do not want them to be uploaded.

20.00: Media team got destroyed by MCiTY.

23.09: Starsboba has won the Chinese giant two games in a row while PokerIdol struggled against cD in game 1. Game 2 is now in progress.

23.26: cD won the second game against PokerIdol.

23:28: PokerIdol and cD game 3 now in progress.

23.30: MCiTY will be scrimming against XtC now.

23.38: The organizers have dimmed the lights and it is a whole new look in the tournament area now. Head over to our gallery for pictures of how it looks like.

23.59: Lakuci and Koala has just arrived.

00.08: PokerIdol third game against cD will be cancelled due to BSOD.

00.16: MCiTY push strat is victorious against XtC.

00.32: Another BSOD occured in PokerIdol and cD game and the game is cancelled again.

00.43: There is nothing happening and the myMYM crew shall head home. We will bring you more pictures and video interviews tomorrow. Good night.

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