Saturday, November 21, 2009

SMM 2009 Incoming

Join us for the SGNDT 09' Grand Finals at the A'Famosa Resort in Melaka this coming 27th-29th of November to witness the finest-hour in DotA gaming history to date! Please be reminded that the WarCraft III: DotA Version 6.64 or latest stable map will be used for the SGNDT 09':Grand Finals unless notified otherwise.

I was hoping do live coverage or also compete in it once I get into a stable and invited team but final exams and stuff comes in clashing. In any cases, good luck to a few powerhouse DotA teams in Sarawak, Sabah such as GgMix , Quod , E-VzP to do amazing matchup with the overseas and West region based teams. If P2P.Gaming were motivated to be long-run active, I will not doubt they can reach the top 4 qualified team every year if they actually competed.

DotA teams in Sarawak that have potentials calculated are likely 10 teams out of 100 teams on scales. But below are a few that is likely able to aim at higher goals based on their full standards.

Cyberline Oz


Cyberline x|ao

Cozee GS






Another important aspect for senior Sarawak teams to raise higher is to indirectly contribute to the E-Sports scene as in nurturing any fresh teams that have the potential to raise. All the best to SMM 2009. Replay and interviews are surely a must get. I'm watching you , SMM ' 09 !

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