Monday, February 22, 2010

Asia Elite DotA League

A New DotA League

Many of you guys will know that DotAPride Asia is now dead. However, TekniqZ and SuppyCu have made a new DotA League called AEDL : Asia Elite DotA League! This is a great alternative for the now inactive DotAPride Asia. This League will only invite those teams that are well known internationally or nationally in the DotA scene for now. However, there will be a separate Amateur League that will be established later on, so please do keep an eye out for upoming announcements.

Here is a short interview and statement made by Tekniqz, Head Admin of AEDL.

TeKniqZ, could you give us a formal introduction of yourself?

TeKniqZ :Sure, Im Sean 18 years old currently living in Auckland New Zealand and about to graduate high school.

Now that DP Asia is inactive, you are now creating a new league?

TeKniqZ :Yes, after DP Asia's shortcomings due to the hostbot issue, me and MCiTY^Suppy have decided to team up to give the fans what they want, which is high level DotA coming from the Asian sector, we feel that we can accommodate this need where DP Asia failed.

That sounds great, but you said high level DotA- what do you mean exactly and how can you measure and maintain this?

TeKniqZ :Well,first of all were taking as DP Asia did : all the top teams within Asia, all the biggest names will be there including the special invites to and MYM from the U.S.A and European sector, these are household names and will all being playing regularly in the leauge. From the Asian sector we have cD, Ct, Aeon, Ks.My, Ftz.Asia fishnet and many many more bringing their skills to the table.

Also, we will have prizes which will keep players involved in the league. However we feel the competition between these teams will allow them to keep playing regardless of the prizes

Sounds like you're extending beyond Asia by involving European and American teams : how bad will the lag and delay be locally and internationally?

TeKniqZ :Since we are primarily using a local hostbot within Asia and Oceania the lag is relatively minimal, however we are striving to provide a U.S hostbot as well for the American and European players. Unfortunately the lag will be there. But given the circumstances we feel that teams such as Nirvana.Int and MYM enjoy playing against their Asian counterparts regardless of lag issues, creating very exciting games.

So when does this exactly start and how do amateur players get involved as well?

TeKniqZ :The profesional league will start by the 15th of March and we will focus on this for the first few months - only invited teams will be able to play. However we are considering an amateur league in the future, but for now we will see to the needs of the teams who are well known in the scene. We would love to open an amateur divsion however we must first focus on maintaining the profesional league, so we do not suffer the same fate as DP Asia. Eventually amateur players who make a name for themselves will be able to get vouched into the profesional division.

Thanks for the interview, any shoutouts?

TeKniqZ :Yes one to Chicken_fleet and one to big O aka Razer.Opio

Those teams who played for DotAPride Asia will be also auto-invited to the new league :

XTC,, DsD, Little, Kingsurf, Inc excello, ftz-asia
cD, ftd, CH, EHOME, XFY
Axis, rdigi, rdigi2
Dtrust, TZR
MYM (Formerly known as

Those who would like more information about this league, do not hesitate to contact TeKniqZ or onevoice.

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