Friday, February 5, 2010

Mars CyberZone Tournament 2010 Result

Team MaDNet Outlawz I played with as manager/player role in Sarawak DotA scene and the supports from friends and allies. We will surely do our best until the end! Achieving Top 3 and furthermore aiming for Champion record nationwide!


Outlawz WIN Rv|G

Outlawz WIN Kinki

Outlawz WIN CozeeII Anything Lah

Outlawz WIN CozeeII F.Final

Outlawz WIN Gizmo Gaming M|x
(Winner Bracket's Final)

Outlawz LOSE Gizmo Gaming M|x
(Winner Bracket's Team VS Loser Bracket's Team Final #1)

Outlawz WIN Gizmo Gaming M|x
(Winner Bracket's Team VS Loser Bracket's Team Final #2)

As to summarize, my team has around 6 WINS 1 LOSE overall and became the champion for MARS Cyberzone Tournament 2010 under sponsor of Mad.Net at the moment. To record overall three days , I have listed the match required to claim the champion title based on Best Of Two with my team leading 1 - 0 in winner bracket finals and then 2 - 1 with a round loss at grand finals. Not just this, KODE5 & CM Storm online tournament that I've checked-in is another epic to watch as you witness MaDNet Outlawz in action! Stay tune for the next!

It's a record in Sarawak for getting the deserved champion record over Sibu/Kuching tournament with team Outlawz lately in the new year. I'm proud to say this is the history record that'll be shown for years to come. Keep it up!

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