Sunday, June 27, 2010


Delizze itself is a half bakery and half restaurant as a whole located at Sarawak , Kuching near Premier 101 area. On the bakery section, there is a selection of various gourmet breads, pastry and cakes. On the deli restaurant's side, you can get pretty much everything in western food cuisines and popular Sarawak menu like Nasi Lemak and so on forth. As the name says so, it kinda represent delicious and enjoyable meal at this unique restaurant. Buy breads and muffins or just go to the restaurant and enjoy great foods!

The roasted chicken I've chose is about RM12.90 and is worth anyone's dinner I guess and the services provided by the waiter or waitress is also quite good as tomato and chili sauces are sent over to the customer's table. Pasta, sandwiches and so on are also included in the menu. I have just glanced through so never get in details with all their food names. But overall you can have a try here and bring friends and family to have some western food! And not to mention the pricing of food by Delizze is rather expensive as well so make sure to come with filled pockets.


Amy's Online Shack said...

what do you rate the food there? out of 10 :) never been there yet

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