Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Maxis Broadband Modem

Purchased Maxis Broadband Modem package lately and it was based on the Monthly Device Package. So far so good, I've chose the 1.5GB package as it's more than enough for surfing and casual gaming. The installation provided by the pendrives itself was user-friendly as well. You can detect how much bytes you surfed online with the software installed. Although I've see forums with complaints and so on forth, you have to realize that dealing with it is the best thing you can do as a buyer and user. The customer services do not deal with one but millions so it's kind of common sense that they wouldn't reach certain customers. But then again, make use of this promotional package as it's cheap and you just need to pay RM150 as the upfront payment and RM30 monthly as you use it on the next 5 months following. The model is called E1762 and you can insert it to any laptops and PCs within the network coverage. This broadband service is now available in many areas at Malaysia.

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