Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rainforest Cyber Cafe DotA Tournament 2011

Rainforest Cyber Cafe DotA Tournament is back with it's 2nd tournament of the year in the upcoming school holidays! The last edition was back in January/February just before the Chinese New Year and now its back even better. Yes, BETTER because the registration this time will be FREEEEEE! It is open to ALL teams so do not hesitate to join and earn some fame for you and your teammates.

Will the defending champion, RedSpade.RsF able to defend their tittle? Take a ride down to RFCC, Gadong Branch in this upcoming 13th June to witness them playing LIVE and watch them playing at their best.

Date: 13th - 15th June 2011
Location: Rainforest Cyber Cafe, Gadong, Brunei Darussalam
Time: To be Announced

CHAMPION- B$200.00
1st Runner Up- B$100.00

Team Djan was part of my team I managed and played with since year 2010. They possess great teamplay skills and their lack of training can be overcome by the strengths of the full-roster team players. One of the player nicknamed as MorgaN went to Brunei for study and work and has formed the Brunei division of team Djan. This tournament journey had led the team to the grand finals of the tournament soon.

Djan will play Redspade.RF_Revenge in the Grand Finals of Rainforest Cyber Cafe DotA Tournament 2011 (June) on Thursday night, 8PM! Head down to RFCC, Gadong Branch to see it LIVE!

Either way, it will either be champion or second place ahead for team Djan. So there's another achievement! Good job.

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