Friday, July 1, 2011

MSI Gaming DotA Tournament 2011

MGT Facts:
MSI Gaming Tournament (MGT) is a self-organized event by MSI Malaysia, a local representative of Micro-Star Int'l CO., Ltd. MSI, is a world-renowned mainboard and graphics card manufacturer, which also produce its own Notebook. The MGT first started in 2010, known as MSI DotA Tournament 2010. The main theme of MSI Gaming Tourney will always be the same, "Game for Fun" and therefore it will be a tradition that in any of MSI Gaming Events, there won't be any registration fee.

In the coming MGTD 2011, MSI will be holding a showmatch with their newly appointed Gaming Ambassador, Tan "Shizuma" Lyn Xhin in the 1st kick-off qualifier, FTZ Cyber Cafe, Penang and also the Grand Final. Two renowned local DotA player will be featured in 1 vs 1 showmatch against Shizuma.

DotA Workshop by "Malaysia DotA Hideout":
One of the biggest sub-event offered in MGTD 2011. This DotA Workshop is a cooperation between MSI and "Malaysia DotA Hideout" organization led by Chan "Winter" Litt-Binn and Chai "Mushi" Yee Fung. Both has their own strong point with "Winter" as one of the best drafter while "Mushi" is considered as a carry second to non. this DotA Workshop, themed "If we can't beat the best, we want YOU to do it," will be carried out during the end of each qualifier in the Cyber Cafe itself. Free to everyone, participants will be given tips to improve their game competitively. The topic includes laning, ganking, supporting, farming, drafting, etc.

Registration of MSI Gaming Tournament (DotA) 2011 is through the Official Registration Site only. There's not other registration alternative. Each qualifier is open to 16 teams only, therefore first come first serve.

Kuching State Qualifier:
Both State Qualifier winner of Mars Cyberzone and Gizmo Gamers will be provided free 2-way-flight to participate in the MGTD 2011 Grand Final. Thanks to our sponsor, Yes Travel & Holidays Sdn. Bhd.

Auto-Qualified to Grand Final
Reigning champion and 1st runner-up of MSI DotA Tournament 2010 will be invited to the Grand Final directly.
  • The 11 players invited are Yamateh, Mushi, Xtinct, Net, Ice, Winter, xiao|ing, SilverCross, Redsun, DeejaySharky, Sub.
  • A team of at least 4 out of the 10 players above will obtain direct qualification to Grand Final.

Team Xclusive.Gaming has been registered at Mars Cyberzone qualifier in MGTD! Royce took the opportunity to register the team online as one of the earliest in the overall tournament as well.

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