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MSEC: Blackshot 2011

MSEC: Blackshot 2011
Malaysia Singapore E-Sports Championship: Blackshot 2011

Date: 29 Oct 2011 & 5 Nov 2011
Time: 10 AM - 9 PM

Perak (V2 - Pusat Bandar Seri Manjung) - 29 Oct 2011
Johor Bahru (Blue Dolphin - Taman University) - 5 Nov 2011

Registration Fee: FREE!!!

*Players must inform the Blackshot Team 3 days before the tournament if their team can't attend. Failure to confirm will result to 15-day account banned.

16 teams for Perak
16 teams for Johor Bahru

Champion - RM 1000 + Blackshot Merchandise (T-Shirt, Lanyard, Keychain & Dogtag)
1st Runner Up - RM 500 + Blackshot Merchandise (T-Shirt, Lanyard & Keychain)
2nd Runner Up - RM 300 + Blackshot Merchandise (T-Shirt, Lanyard & Keychain)
4th Place - RM 100 + Blackshot Merchandise (T-Shirt, Lanyard & Keychain)

--> 5 x 500 Garena Shells Prepaid Card
--> 10 x Seagm Limited T-shirt
* Special sponsored by Sea Gamer Mall for the 1st Qualifier in Perak

Please follow the format below to reserve a slot for your team.
Email subject is: [Malaysia] MSEC Malaysia Singapore E-Sports Championship
Email to:
Please do remember to write the SELECTED VENUE.

Selected Venue:
Team Name:

Complete Real Name of Team Captain:
Identification Number of Team Captain:
Garena Username of Team Captain:
Character Name (IGN) of Team Captain:
Contact Number of Team Captain:
Email Address of Team Captain:

Complete Real Name of Member 2:
Identification Number of Member 2:
Garena Username of Member 2:
Character Name (IGN) of Member 2:
Contact Number of Member 2:
Email Address of Member 2:

Complete Real Name of Member 3:
Identification Number of Member 3:
Garena Username of Member 3:
Character Name (IGN) of Member 3:
Contact Number of Member 3:
Email Address of Member 3:

Complete Real Name of Member 4:
Identification Number of Member 4:
Garena Username of Member 4:
Character Name (IGN) of Member 4:
Contact Number of Member 4:
Email Address of Member 4:

Complete Real Name of Member 5:
Identification Number of Member 5:
Garena Username of Member 5:
Character Name (IGN) of Member 5:
Contact Number of Member 5:
Email Address of Member 5:

--Reserve Player--
Complete Real Name of Reserve Member:
Identification Number of Reserve Member:
Garena Username of Reserve Member:
Character Name (IGN) of Reserve Member:
Contact Number of Reserve Member:
Email Address of Reserve Member:

*Players MUST use the registered Garena ID and Blackshot IGN during the tournament.
*Incomplete registration details will be null and invalid.
*First come first serve basis.
*A player may register once only.
*Unregistered player, account, character name will not be allowed to play during the tournament.
*A team may register on one venue only.

MSEC: Blackshot 2011 - Rules & Regulations
1. Competition Method : 5 vs 5
Winner Condition: Most round wins out of 4 rounds played
(2 rounds in Team Flag Match and 2 rounds in Search & Destroy)
Team Death Match will only be played if there's a tie-breaker

Game Settings & Rules
-Banned Weapons & Gears-
Assault Rifles(AR): XM8 Sand, Enfield, Enfield Woodlands, Famas Camo, Holy Shotgun, SIG552 Forest, M4A1-NZ1, MASS-NZ1100, M60, MG42, M1919A4, AUG Zebra, AK47 RedFrog.
Submachine Gun(SMG): Uzi-NZ1, PPSH41, MP5KPDW-H, MP40.
Sniper Rifle(SR): Cheytac, SASR-NZ1, Barrett.
Grenade: Jack O Bomb, T1 Grenade, Flash Frag, Jack O Flash Frag, MK2 Grenade, Model 24 Grenade.
Miscellaneous: Sub-Zero Blood, Fast Respawn, Scopes, Silencers, Departing Gift, UAV, US Airborne, Germany Army, Multi-Weapon 1&2, Advance Sweeper, Advance Scout, Advance Dominator, Brutality Evasion.
*no mastery weapons and items are allowed.

Map Pool
Team Flag Match:
Sandstorm I
Broken Cage
Broken City II

Search & Destroy:
Sandstorm II
Broken City I
Titan Valley
Red Mansion

Team Death Match (Tie Breaker):
Training Camp

-Selection of Maps-
A coin toss will be used to decide which team will choose the map for Team Flag Match

-Team Flag Match-
Winner of the coin toss will get to select the map.
 Each game consist of 1 map, players are to play both sides of the map.
 Every side is 120 points and amount of time will be 10 minutes.
 All players are allowed to use cash and gachapon weapons that are not banned.
 Partnership is allowed.

-Search & Destroy Match-
Loser of the Team Flag Match will select the map for Search & Destroy.
 Each game consist of 1 map, players are to play both sides of the map.
 Every side is 5 rounds and amount of time will be 2 minute 30 seconds for each round.
 Map will be chosen by the losing team of TFM.
 All players are allowed to use cash and gachapon weapons that are not banned.
 When a player dies, they are to click away into the 3rd person view and no communication allowed after 3 seconds.
 1 sniper allowed at all times in each team.
 Partnership is allowed.

Players are to play Team Death Match.
 This round there will only have 80 points and time taken will be 10 minutes.
 Map used for this round will be Training Camp only.
 All players are allowed to use cash and gachapon weapons that are not banned.
 Partnership is allowed.

Prohibited Actions in Game
- Changing of "HOST" when the match has begun is strictly not allowed, doing so will result in a default map loss.
- Intentional or non-intentional use of any bugs/ in-game Glitch (Knife Bug, Shots becomes Knife Damage) or any kind of usage will result in a loss or disqualification. This decision will be made by the marshall/s or Head Marshall.
- If in any case, a game is restarted, players are not allowed, under any circ-umstances, to go to the Shop/Inventory to change gears/weapons/armor etc.

- Disconnection: Any disconnection of the connection between match players due to System or Power problems/issues.
- Intentional Disconnection: Upon judgment by the referee, any offending player will be charged with a loss by forfeit.
Unintentional Disconnection:
- Round will restart if either side points is 20 and below or below 3 minutes into the round.
- Score will be recorded if either side points is 21 and above or more than 3 minutes into the round, round will restart and end with the previous total score.
- In the event of a disconnection, the organiser reserves the rights to restart the match or determine the match outcome on a case-by-case basis.

Warnings & Disqualifications
A warning will be given to any player in the team when he/she breaks or abuse any rule of the tournament.
A team will be disqualified from the tournament when a total of 3 warnings are given to the its members.

In Case of Problems
-If there are any technical, equipment, game exploit issues, disputes and/or interruptions, the Game Marshal/s are to be informed immediately and without delay. Failure to adhere to the aforementioned could result in a warning or disqualification from the tournament.
- If any intentional hardware reset and problem occurs, the marshal/s may decide to end the match with the offending player losing by forfeit.
- In the Team Flag Match (TFM), any game interruptions will be done after the completion of the round and not immediately during the game. The only time a restart will be done, is if the points of both the Red and Blue teams are under 20.
- In Search and Destroy mode (SD), only one sniper is allowed, and team-mates/opponents are not allowed to pick up the sniper rifle. Players are not allowed to share the sniper rifle with their team-mates at the start of every round.
- Player substitution is only allowed after the completion of every match, and not halfway during TFM and SD or Team Death Match (TDM).

These rules are for the MSEC: Blackshot 2011 and are subject to modification in the following aspects.
- Use of most recent patch/version release of each official game within MSEC: Blackshot 2011 committee's own discretion.
- Changes to in-game settings and options necessitated by the use of most recent patch version/release.
- Cheat Protection Program release and/or cheat protection functions.
- Game settings and/or operations guidelines dictated by differences between online and LAN Tournaments.

*Event rules and mechanics may change without prior notice.

Special Annoucement!
There will be a "Special Event" held on each every Qualifier !!
Wish to know what's that ???
Feel free to come over and join us on each every Qualifier soon.
You'll know what's the means of "Special Event" is ...

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