Friday, October 21, 2011

Swinburne DotA Championship 2011

Who would be my latest and reformed player roster? Find out soon as I update this entry! I'll try to make coverage on the results and team encounter I faced in the competition.

KMG's Team Roster
KMG.Mirotic (carry)
KMG.Lamborgini (semi-carry)
KMG.Royce (semi-carry)
KMG.Vince (supporter)
KMG.Smiley (supporter)

Our achievement comes by locally. Five young and talented players recruited as a strong temporary team for any possible competition for fun and challenges! Me or Jeremy will be leading the team and also interested to know our actual local tournament achievement besides university ones?

Mirotic is a player I recruited from West Malaysia studying at Swinburne. Pursuing Foundation of Engineering. MSI semi finalist and has been a very experienced gamer.

Lamborgini is also known as Jeremy. Strong personal skills and had gone until MSI semi finalist and is playing for Xclusive! An experienced carry as well with lots of his surprises.

Royce is none other than MY.RollsRoyce! Possessing many abilities not just in the gaming competitions but also game media reporter and etc. Role focused was supporter in the past local competitions but now evolved into a new all-rounder type of player in the team. Was the team leader of SDT winning until semi finals of Swinburne DotA Championship 2010 and is also a finalist in weekly tournaments made by Gizmo Gamers. Record wise have been winning lots of strong teams covering Sarawak and Sabah not in the competition field but also the training as well. Generally over 35 teams above covering Malaysia has been a challenge to me as well achieving a win over them. Teams such as Gizmo Gaming , Silent Redemption , Cyberline , CoE , Kencool , tyB , Lz , V.Ghost and so much more to be in record. As a team manager of MaDNet Outlawz, who would never have thought I was also a player for various team? Which concludes I have felt my glory over first to forth place in certain DotA competitions. I will still grow on until I got into a well established team and making East Malaysia or the West more refined and be proud of someday.

Vince is a well-played supporter for team MagicX Gaming. He possess lots of experience like his small brother in my team called Angry Birds. He is a very strong contender when it comes to support. Let's hope he do some unique supporting skills in the event!

Smiley is also a player in team Xclusive! His role would always be support and ganks. Experienced and always aim high in goals.

Day One Results :-
Team Kolo Mee Gaming

Kolo Mee Gaming WINS Empty

Kolo Mee Gaming WINS FTW-WTF?

Day Two Results:-

Kolo Mee Gaming WINS NAVC

Kolo Mee Gaming WINS Joke

This is the greatest achievement in history for me this year as I led and formed the team with strong players that synergized well with me. I'm really impressed by our teamwork and how we are able to rebounce to every ups and downs. Team Kolo Mee Gaming will be another history in local DotA scene. This should be my forth championship title and the past record was with team MaDNet Outlawz and DJAN! This tournament consist of many veterans and the finals I had was one of the greatest moment of my DotA competitive history. Well played, no matter if we're opponents or team mates again in future, I do say our team name has spoke for our wins!

Team Kolo Mee Gaming is champion!!!

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