Wednesday, March 20, 2013

SMM National DotA Championship 2013

A BRAND NEW CHALLENGE CARRYING THE ONE & ONLY ORIGINAL WARCRAFT III: DotA HAS ARRIVED TO MALAYSIAN SHORES – as the search for DotA superstars continue in 2013, sweeping profusely across the nation in a talent search of epic proportions to seek the finest DotA cyber athletes in the whole of Malaysia. The new SMM National DotA Championship 2013 features a voluminous expansion into local territory both far and wide, journeying to even the very far reaches of this country to present in magnificent splendour the golden chance to partake in this heroic DotA tournament filled with massive cash rewards and remarkable goodies. DotA elites and loyal fans will whirl in delight as their DotA innate and craving are much eagerly satiated – come this April, as the SMM National DotA Championship 2013 commences in Malaysia on a nationwide footing – rallying to an iCafe battleground near you! Arisen champions and runner-ups garnered from all nationwide state-qualifiers will proudly parlay their team atop the pinnacle of the summit – granting exclusive invitation to do battle in the prestigious SMM Malaysia DotA Grand Finals 2013 where a new Malaysian DotA Champion is crowned. The finest hour has arrived in town so train with all your might, live to see another draft, and let the ultra-kill do the talking as the SMM National DotA Championship 2013 takes your national PC gaming pastime towards greater heights – setting yet another milestone and a higher platform for Malaysian DotA to flourish in the local eSports scene. The SMM National DotA Championship 2013 infuses a grand arena that spurs and cultivates budding Malaysian players into season veterans and professionals, forging robust teamwork amongst compatriots, and most importantly of all – to unleash your DotA passion by doing what you genuinely love the most, transcending your wildest DotA dreams into a reality.

Royce's opinion : It is good that Blizzard and SMM supports DotA 1 due to it's nature of using the Warcraft engine but the problem lies in every players focusing on Dota 2 already. So if that is the real case, I'll be back to the game around July to August to raise up my momentum that I once have as one of the top amateur teams in Kuching , Sarawak. I look forward to face some strong to decent teams if I really participated! But I hope they can lean towards the current Valve's version of Dota 2 because it has more market value and competitiveness in it.

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