Friday, March 29, 2013

Swinburne Carnival E-Sports 2013

SSSC in collaboration with ICT Club and Gizmo Gamers brings to you some of the finest games in the cyberworld.

Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare and Dota.

Think you're game enough?

Show your true gaming colours.

Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer Tournament

Prize :

Top kill count - RM 50

DotA 1 Tournament

Limit Teams : 8 Teams
Registration Fee : RM 50 per team (only one substitute)
Registration Method : First come first serve basis

Prize :
1st - RM50 + RM100 Gizmo Gamers Cash Voucher
2nd - RM30 + RM100 Gizmo Gamers Cash Voucher
3rd - RM20 + RM100 Gizmo Gamers Cash Voucher

Lots of things have happened in E-Sports around Malaysia ever growing through universities and popular shopping malls. I have once again through my final years decided to be the one and only person who can join two games and raise our aims to the top.

My team for DotA 1 is different this year. The main carry is one of my team mate. And personally I will be fighting at COD4 : Modern Warfare tournament instead. The only thing I want is my teams to have fun.

Our team name is now called BRSA which is known as "Boss Royce Sponsor Association". Let's work this out! I only supported due to the main leader is my old team mate and the result isn't good and I dislike the other players who are actually failures but that's the past anyway. Another allies team is the overall champion of the tournament which is BG called as Billy Gaming as an attribute to show my sponsorship and old mates support.

Overall Tournament Results:
Billy Gaming WINS BRSA

Billy Gaming WINS SWAT

Billy Gaming is the CHAMPION of this very last university tournament I joined!

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