Monday, April 22, 2013


By using NovaBench for almost 3 years, I can detect my CPU or known as gaming rig in which case is it applicable to latest games and stuffs etc. My NovaBench profile which you can find here...

The profile shows how much I tried to check if my CPU performance is good or not. So far so good, I got myself a normal decent computer for gaming but of course in future times I might upgrade. There are a few things I wanted to upgrade if I wanted better and stronger processors.

Firstly, it would be the i5 processor and I want one which is probably the best among those range. GPU wise,  I go for ATI Radeon 7850 which is extraordinary. The graphics and powers it has is equivalent to Playstation 3 or even Playstation 4! And lastly, I wanted my 8GB RAM in future and that would markup my progress in making a good gaming rig.

So there you have it! Random rantings anyway. Enjoy my blog! More to come about politics because it's hot in Malaysia.

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