Friday, April 26, 2013

Facebook Girl Trend

Do you even know about a girl called 韩晓暖 or known as hanxiiaoaii? Well I never actually posted girl photos or those with much popularity votings or likes in Facebook. First things first, do you know why they created their own fanpage and stuff? The psychological factor goes to confidence , fame , attention , pride as who they are born as. I am pretty sure this girl is sweet as well and does not have many bad behaviors and stuffs that's why she is one of the top Facebook popular girl trending across. 

By her popularity and likes, she will be approached by specific marketing people or those photographers namely professional ones to use her as a part of media marketing because as they say sex sells. Female idols are usually the target market for most guys and even girls and which is why I'm explaining the occurrence of so many potential pretty or cute girls around. Of course besides "hanxiiaoaii", there are a lot of other girls who rose up to fame slowly such as Serena Chan but nobody beats the original girl who shot her fame through Facebook social media.

So as I say, popularity in Facebook girl is trending and girls like the one I mentioned at this blog entry shows that this girl has some attraction value and marketing can relate to its use. Never be surprised because not all of them are "attention seekers" but because of the four main factors as I mentioned due to the female genes. There are a lot of failures indeed. Makeups and pathetic girls that will never be on the top because they aren't pretty or potentially fine enough to reach the target market.

Now as I mentioned two girls which have popularity votes now. What do you think of others? Pretty girls sure are a pleasant sight to see even a dream of having them as your girlfriend excluding me who have a pretty girlfriend too. I'm writing this to let you understand what's going around Facebook.

So by reading this post, I hope you get a clear idea of what's going around and why did it happened. Overall this is just my opinion , speculation but I have good knowledge of many things. And supporting my blog ensures you get some good information in return.

So here's a few 韩晓暖 girl photo I see as very cute or attractive...

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